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As dedicated industry suppliers, Suppleyes knows the importance of health & safety and compliance.  This is why we have created a range of cleaning products and sunscreen that is formulated especially for education.

What makes them different I hear your ask!

Suppleyes has created an entire range of cleaning products and sunscreen that have been designed to ensure you’re compliant with the Globally Harmonised System of Labeling and to ensure your business is complaint under WH&S Schedule 9. Our new range has also been designed to reflect the HACCP colour coding methodology which is widely used in Aged Care, Hospitality and Health.

How did we do this?

Well first, we began our quest in to create formulas that would offer a powerful clean, but not include any hazardous ingredients.

You see in other work environments, hazardous ingredients may not be an issue.  There may not be young children around or cleaning may be done after hours when products are being used or people don’t sit on floors – but in education, especially early education, this is exactly what happens. So we removed all hazardous ingredients for all the products that children could be exposed to, such as our Multipurpose, Dishwashing, Glass, Disinfectant, Neutral Floor and Bathroom and Toilet Cleaner. We found equally powerful active ingredients without compromising on the safety.

Next we’re passionate about educating the industry about healthy cleaning practices such as using colour coded cleaning equipment to prevent cross contaminating. There is no good in using cleaning products with cleaning equipment that has been contaminated from areas such as bathrooms. We recommend the  HACCP colour coding methodology which is widely used in Aged Care, Hospitality and Health. That way as educators move around the industry there isn’t a different colour code for different workplaces.

What about Compliance?

In 2017 the global market for cleaning product ingredients were  “Globally Harmonised” (GHS) to reflect if they were hazardous or not.  At this time, Safe Work Australia amended WH&S Schedule 9 to enforce that all business needed to be using cleaning products that were labelled according to the new GHS standards. To date that legislation has not been enforced under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 which regulates cleaning products into the retail market.  This means cleaning products purchse in the retail market i.e. from the supermarket may not comply with WH&S Schedule 9.

All our labeling meets Safe Work Australia compliance and we have duplicated that on smaller labels that can be placed on our 750 ml bottles. These can be used to decant and dilute the products.  That way should anything unforeseen happen, you have all the information, ingredients and first aid response right at the source.  No need to go back to the concentrate bottle or find Safety Data Sheets.

You mentioned Safety Data Sheets!

Suppleyes keeps all our Safety Data Sheets on our website under “My Account”.  That way you can be sure to have access to them day or night, just in case you get that surprise audit!

We also have a range of Safety Charts and Colour Coding Cleaning charts that can be downloaded so staff can be easily reminded of which products to use where.

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