Miniland Educational, offer a broad and varied range of toys to fill both play and learning time. Their mission is to provide toys that are developmentally appropriate for every level of early childhood. Miniland Educational are dedicated to having an extensive range of skill-building toys that can be successfully used by both parents and teachers.

Miniland Educational offers a wide range of speciality Toys that are designed for children to acquire knowledge, in a natural and gradual manner based on entertainment and fun. These games trigger curiosity in children, the desire to handle them, the initiative to explore and the search for answers.

Miniland also offer AblePlayTM which is toy rating system that provides comprehensive information on toys for children with special needs. AblePlay was created so parents, special educators, therapists and others can make the best decisions when purchasing products for children in their lives with disabilities.

AblePlay has designed an easy to understand rating system that focuses on the developmental areas of cognitive, sensory, communication, physical and social/emotional abilities of a child. Miniland’s Educational’s Visual Displays – Daily Tasks, Activity ABC 123, Pair Game, Abacolor Maxi and Superpegs Mini are rated as qualified products for Special Needs children.

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Play Miniland is a new model of learning that promotes a combined approach to real and digital play. Miniland Educational real toys are supported by innovative digital resources, so as to provide a fun-filled learning experience.

At you can access all the lesson plans, activity sheets and digital games, which exceptionally enhance learning and the fun of real play.

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